Introduction to K

Hi there, my name is Kharissa and and I created this blog as a hobby to share my travel adventures. I hope that my posts inspire you to travel as well as give you some tasty and fun recommendations for the areas I’ve visited.

Some things to know about me:

First, you should know that I love to travel! That’s probably obvious as this is a travel blog. I took my first trip to Europe when I was twelve years old and since then I’ve gone back every chance I could. I flew alone on this first trip to meet family already there which gave me confidence in my ability to navigate traveling from the very beginning. Traveling alone is not something I shy away from. Of course having company is always more fun, and not only because there’s someone to take photos of me lol.

I love to do research in preparation for my trips! I create lists in Google Maps of restaurants, bakeries, points of interest, and any other places I want to visit. These lists are super helpful when I’m out touring. At the bottom of each blog post I’ll provide links to the list for that city.

Second, in my normal day time I’m a full-time Student Pharmacist. I’m in my fourth and final year, set to graduate in March 2021 (if this pandemic allows). I love science and I love helping patients.

Third, I also love food. You may see occasional posts on here about cooking, baking, and fermenting. There may even be a few restaurant reviews.

Fourth, I love nature. I am an avid hiker and backpacker. Those trips might make an appearance.

Last, and definitely not least, I love my husband!! We got married on July 14, 2019. He’s a top travel buddy and my partner in crime for all adventures.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. Enjoy the site!


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