Grasse, France

On our first day in Nice we took the train west and slightly inland to explore the city of Grasse. The train ride was comfortable and easy. From the train station we caught a bus that took us right into town. We could have walked but it was uphill 20-30 minutes and it was getting hot. After getting into town we explored. We went there for the perfume, but I was pleasantly surprised to find these pink umbrellas hung up throughout the town. They protect people from the scorching sun and also provide a beautiful hue to everything around.

After walking around the small streets we visited the Parfumerie Fragonard Historic Factory. They offer free tours in different languages a few times throughout the day and we didn’t have to wait long for the English tour. They have a few other tours and shops around town but we didn’t visit them.

After the tour we bought some perfume and cologne for souvenirs. Then we did the most exciting thing there is to do in Grasse, we went on a mini train ride! The conductor was an expert and drove our train through the tiny old streets. The headsets gave us some history and the views were incredible.

The train ride showed us most of Grasse, and after that exhilarating ride we were ready to head onto Antibes for dinner. Since we took the bus up, we opted for adventure on the way back down the hillside to the train station and followed a walking route from google maps. We were rewarded with some beautiful views back up to the city and some super cute stairways.


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