Antibes, France

After an afternoon in Grasse we took the train back to the coast to cool down in Antibes for the evening; it was a hot July day! When we got there we walked along Avenue de Verdun with the city wall on our right and the harbor on our left. It was a nice walk past the Ferris wheel, with plenty of open sitting space and trees, and the boats just kept getting more and more amazing. We were pleasantly surprised by the lively Marché Nocturne Eté (Summer Night Market) and Merry-go-round. We didn’t realize it at the time, but we could have walked on top of the wall along Promenade de l’Amiral de Grasse toward the ramparts, entering near these not-so-highly rated toilettes publiques.

By that time we were starving, so we entered the walled city in search of dinner. First we visited a restaurant I had previously heard about called Restaurant L’Arazur. It was cute and small, but nothing on the menu jumped out at us and we weren’t feeling that adventurous so we moved on to look for something else.

Restaurant L’Arazur

We wanted to be in Place Jacques Audiberti for the outdoor open air feel and we decided on Pablo. It was a great choice! The creamy pasta was so rich and delicious (although maybe not the best choice for a hot summer evening; but hey this girl likes her creamy pasta) and everything in the spaghetti tasted fresh (a better choice for a hot summer evening; of course my husband’s wise decision). The atmosphere didn’t disappoint either; a group of street performers came by to give a surprising Capoeira show.

After dinner we wandered back out to the harbor for some fresh air. We walked on the wall along Quai Henri Rambaud toward Le Nomade, an intriguing sculpture in the distance.

It was cool to be so close to the sculpture, and from that landing we saw the most amazing yachts we had seen yet. Each of them was larger than our entire apartment building combined with the one next door. I now know that this dock is called Quai des Milliardaires, which translates to “Dock of the Billionaires”. It is quite aptly named.

We watched the sun set over the hills and then headed back into the town in search of beer and a place to sit.

Back in the old town we walked along Boulevard d’Aguillon. There were street sellers with fun balloons and a cool glass manufacturer workshop/boutique called Didier Saba Verrier D’Art. I’m a sucker for a glass workshop and impressed by anyone who can get that close to a glassblowing furnace in the heat of summer.

We didn’t go that far before we found an Irish pub called The Hop Store. It was busy and in the confusion of using the restroom and looking for a table my husband and I somehow each ordered two beers, one for each of us. We did our best to drink the beers we were served and watched the people walk by.

There was so much more we wanted to do in Antibes, like get gelato and visit the Museé de Picasso. If we were there earlier we for sure would have gotten pastries at Boulangerie Veziano, had an espresso at Café Clemenceau, and then tried the vegetarian bagel sandwich at Choopy’s. We might have also taken the train to Juans les Pains for ice cream and a swim at their beautiful Plage Publique. Well, until next time…

After finishing the beers we walked to the train station, with a bad feeling encroaching as we got close. Turns out the train station was closed and the last train gone. Not to worry: we whipped out our phones, opened the Uber app, and soon enough we were relaxed in the comfortable backseat of a sedan with trendy Jazz music playing and the dark mediterranean whipping by on our right. Thank you, Gheorghe.

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