Menton, France

The second stop on our honeymoon in July 2019 was Menton, just a quick train ride from Nice. After a day at the beach in Nice we hurried off to buy a ticket and catch a train. The local trains run often in the summer and tickets can be purchased from machines at most train stops.

Day 0: We checked into our AirBnB, unpacked a little, and then headed out to explore the town and get some dinner. We saw a cool church. We found out that the city offers free concerts throughout the summer, but unfortunately none while we were there. Then we walked out to the lighthouse atop the Capitainerie du Port.

Dinner was delicious. We went to Little Italy Restaurant; I was hesitant because of the name but the food was excellent. I got the simplest pasta and it was the best I ever had. My husband loved his meat dish.

After dinner we explored the nightlife. There really wasn’t much going on past 10pm; everything closes early. But we did find a few open spots. Coté Sud offered delicious olives and had nice wine options. We sat outside at INKY Bar and had a pretty view across the harbor; BOGO cocktails aren’t always the greatest option but it was super hot outside and the ice was nice. And we found a cute wine bar with patio seating and a large wine selection on a cute pedestrian street.

Day 1: We took the train to Italy! Then we made dinner at the airbnb with our goodies. We got olives, fresh pasta, fresh ravioli, fresh parmesan, pesto, marinara, spicy marinara, and wine in Italy. We went to the local Carrefour Express for fresh salad ingredients.

Day 2: We had a beautiful day in Eze and Monaco.

Day 3: Up early to take the train to the airport. And off to the next stop on our honeymoon, Czech Republic!

Menton was a great home base! As always, we wish we had more time to explore and see everything. There was a botanical garden, a cemetery with a view, a pebble beach, a basilica, a Jean Cocteau Museum in a waterside bastion, and another more modern looking Jean Cocteau Museum. We would have visited Maison Herbin for the jam selection, F Leroy la Cigale Fabrice for the pastries, maybe gotten Moroccan food at Le petit Touareg, definitely pizza at Sini, and we had so much fun on the train in Grasse that we wanted to ride the Petit Train Menton. Les Enfants Terribles has a large seafood selection, and Les Sablettes Beach looked fancy with a nice view. Garden’s Bistrot has such a cute patio we wanted to try, Le P’tit Resto looked good for local cuisine, and Loving Hut was a vegan restaurant with a view! There was even a casino that would have been fun to check out. Much to do next time 🙂

Musée Jean Cocteau le Bastion

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