San Remo, Italy

We hopped on the train in Menton for a day trip to Italy. First stop was San Remo to visit the weekly flea market. We also wanted to gather some fresh ingredients for dinner back at our apartment later. Out of the train station, we walked west to Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, a cute walking street decorated with international flags and lined with shopping, and headed toward the market area of Piazza Eroi.

Piazza Eroi was crowded and loud so we headed to the northern corner. Here we found the Ciapela Tower, a medieval observation tower used to protect the city. Surrounding the tower and nearby buildings was the open air market. There were endless stalls of all types of clothing and household goods.

After walking the outdoor market, we took a rest and refreshment at Bar Torre Saracena. This was a roomy spot in the corner of the Mercato Annonario which serves beer, espresso, and pizza. We ordered two Peroni and got a complimentary sampler tray, yay! This was the perfect escape from the hustle and heat just outside and I still regret not buying an extra slice of focaccia for later.

After the break it was time to explore the Mercato Annonario and gather our ingredients. This market felt very roomy; it was made up of about 30 stalls separated by large walkways. The lemons and squash blossoms were giant. There was pasta of every shape and color, both dried and fresh. And the cheese selection was huge! Next time I would also visit the other indoor market, Mercato di Sanremo.

There was parmesan cheese of all ages and kinds. We got some ravioli from the pasta counter and parmesan from the cheese counter.

With supplies in the backpack we headed back outside for lunch and exploration. We walked to the nearby Piazza San Siro, where there were chairs set up for a performance of some sort. The cafes on this square looked nice but a little busy; Agora Cafe Sanremo and Caffe San Siro.

So we continued along Via Pietro Calvi towards Via Giacomo Matteotti and found Ivano Pizza Volo. The staff here was welcoming and efficient. B enjoyed his pizza while I finished off my spaghetti. The food was good, though not the best we had on the trip.

After lunch we went down to the waterfront for the breeze, views and some photos at the jetty past Terraza Beach. Then we walked along the waterline eastward back toward the train station. We found the Forte di Santa Tecla and adjacent art gardens; Giardini Vittoria Veneto and Giardini Gino Napolitano. The fort offers a tour.

All along the beach at San Remo are multiple bar beaches, like Terraza Beach and Bagni Morgana, which require either an entrance or a chair fee to get in. They have umbrellas and beach lounge chairs set up on beautiful soft white sand with beach access and a range of alcohol and food options. If we had more time here I would definitely rent a chaise lounge for the afternoon. But for this trip, it was back to the train station in time for a quick beer at the train station store before boarding. Next stop, Ventimiglia.


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